How we found out Butts was gettin' Bigger <3

Butts Gets Bigger.... AGAIN. <3

Let me preface this story with we were NOT trying to get pregnant. At this particular time if I were to get pregnant I was going to have to cancel FOUR weddings like (1/4 of my 2018 planned income) HA. God’s funny. 

Well, it was sometime in the beginning of January.. just a normal day. (Lol) I had noticed some weird changes were going on but I was SUPER in denial that there was any chance of me being pregnant. So here I am, 10 days late ( 🤦‍♀️), still pretending everything is normal. I went to watch Liam that day and later me and Kaela (Liam’s mom) were sitting down eating lunch just casually talking about life. I mentioned that I was 10 days late and that was extremely uncommon (like never happened hahaha) she obviously was like “you are so pregnant and if you don’t take a pregnancy test by this weekend I’m buying one and making you take it” (so aggressive.

So of course I’m thinking about it nonstop at this point so on the way home I walk into Walmart and buy 2 tests. (At this point I have not mentioned ANYTHING to Matt. Like nothing. That’s how in denial i was🙃) 

I go home, Matt is playing video games so he’s v distracted so I go into the bathroom take the test and hide it in the drawer. I go lay down on the couch and PASS OUT. (Thank you, 1st trimester). I woke up an hour later remembering i had taken the test, Matt is still playing video games so I just causally (lol) walk into the bathroom and open the draw. Keep in mind I’m fully convinced STILL that this test is negative. Welp, it most certainly was NOT negative. It was extremely positive. *feels knees almost give out underneath her*. I stand in the bathroom just baffled (yes if was EXTREMELY obvious that I was pregnant at this point but still GEEZ.) All I could think about looking at that test was the fact that I KNEW my due date was in September (I had calculated it a few days over that month hahaha) and I knew that meant I had to contact 4 brides and tell them I was no longer available to photograph their wedding. WHO THINKS ABOUT THAT?! Lol ME. That’s who. 

I walk out of the bathroom extremely dazed, whole body shaking, and stand in our bedroom doorway staring at my sweet husband who is very peacefully (kinda) playing his video game and has nooooo idea what I’m about to tell him. I said “Hey... ummm I gotta tell you something.” He looks at me and of course I look pale as ghost and look like a deer in headlights. He pauses his game (he knew something important was about to be said LOL) and asks what’s the matter. I said “ummm well umm I think I may be pregnant” ( eye rolls) THINK. 

He said “umm so what exactly does that mean” 

Me: *throws extremely positive pregnancy test at him* 😂 

Matt literally freaks out and is soooooo excited... hugs me and is literally ecstatic ( which was supposed to be my reaction but ya know... I care too much about other people. Lol ) Matt spends the rest of the day talking about how excited he is and how amazing this is and I’m over here like dazed for another 5 hours (lol) 

Fast forward to now, over halfway through with this pregnancy, I’m over here bouncing off the frickin walls with excitement every day of my life and Matt not so much. 😂🤪 (poor guy has never changed a diaper or held a newborn for more than 2 seconds his whole life... his world about to go upside down.) I also think everyone and their mother can agree Matthew Butts is going to be the best girl dad you’ve ever seen in your life. Emma Grace and I got a gooood one. 

Also, only 124 days until we meet our sweet baby girl. I think about the day I will get to meet her for the first time pretty much every single day. (Maybe 5 times a day 😭) I knew I wanted to be a mom since I was probably 10 years old. That dream is coming a reality very soon. Emma Grace, You are and will continue to be loved so much. (Ok here I am crying bc pregnancy hormones can’t hold nothing back) 🙃 

That is all. Thanks for caring about my life. 💕